Reverie [ˈrɛvərɪ]
An act or state of absent-minded daydreaming.

Reverie is what happens when House music meets live bass guitar and congas. In an attempt to bring live music to House lovers and vice versa, Risto Ivanov (Bass), alongside Oscar Dominguez (Congas), bring new life to DJ Twigg's set with incredible on-the-spot improvisations, bass grooves and percussion.

The three piece have an extensive musical background. David Carmichael (DJ Twigg) has spun at all of Florence Italy’s finest from Central Park to Tenax, and has opened for chart topping Dirty Dutch DJ Chuckie. Risto Ivanov is a classically trained bass player who has played with several different acts ranging from Reggae to Jazz, and has the unique ability to improvise over any given bass groove upon first listen. Oscar Dominguez is a talented and seasoned percussionist who has featured in countless festivals throughout Toronto, Canada. His creative conga beats are the cherry on top of the unique sound that is Reverie.