The importance of finding one's passion in life is way too often overlooked. From a young age we are educated away from what we inherently love doing, often under the assumption that we will never make a decent living from doing that thing.

We've made it our mission to sway this perception through intelligent and thought-provoking media and design, and make the promotion of passion our main priority. Design is a very powerful method of communication, and so we intend on using it to deliver our message to everyone, regardless of their race, gender, age or beliefs. If we can inpire just a few people to follow their dream, we've done what we set out to do.

Fly&I is simply the natural progression of a small collective doing what we love. Everything that is Fly&I is a product of passion. There is no design in our galleries or that isn't thought out, sweated over, rethought, retouched, and finally branded Fly&I.

The name Fly&I itself is based on an individual's journey to achieve their maximum potential in their life, always maintaining their originality. The Rastafarian religion uses the term "I and I" in place of "you and me", as a reference to the equality of all people. The "I and I" also marks the distinction between the body and the spirit, and so refers to all of one's being. These philosophies are at the heart of the Fly&I label.